Thursday, September 18, 2008

J.R.S.: Just Read Sh**


Anybody who happens to have a package sent thru a local courier, just course it through LBC, Air 21 or DHL. I will never, ever recommend JRS Express to you guys. I've had a harrowing experience there.

In good faith, I sent a package of milk and chocolates for my wife and son to Mandaue, Cebu and entrusted them over to JRS. Apparently the guys told me that they will be sending the package in just 24 hours. This was last Tuesday. Last Wednesday, my wife texted me that she did not receive the package. Thinking that there were uncontrolled circumstances, I gave it 2 days more. But still the package didn't arrive at the address I provided.

Oh well, as a result, I went to the JRS office in downtown Bacolod. And I really felt like exploding after I told them what had happened. My cousin called me and told me that the package arrived in Cebu, the only thing different is, they don't know the location! Imagine I was enraged because my wife had sent a package to the address concerned via LBC last Christmas... and JRS doesn't know?!

What could JRS do to improve their faltering service? First, they have to automate everything... from data collection to the tracking stage. When I went there, there was no computer in sight, no assurance that the info will be encoded properly. Second, have internet access to the tracking on real-time status. Imagine when a staffer from JRS told me to wait for a week to track my package. What?! Oh well... some dumb-a** sh** there....

If JRS is listening.... you know what guys, you JUST READ SH**!


JRS Express said...

As for the blog, it's really very hard to give an ACCURATE REPORT considering the absence of VITAL INFORMATIONS like the Airbill No., the date the package was sent, the name of the addressee and the address...

At any rate, our initial investigation revealed that this might be a package containing MILK and CHOCOLATES coming from bacolod which was a problematic due to unlocated address and/or unknown addressee. Our delivery man could no longer remember the addressee's name but he remember that the package was addressed to San Jose Village, Umapad, Mandaue City. They found it hard to locate the address and even asked the people they passed by but got a negative response...Also, the village has no guard as per our delivery man. Further, the item was only brought by him only A DAY as the following morning, the addressee came to the office to pick up the package. our driver and delivery man himself handed her the package and politely explained why they failed to deliver it and even asked her its EXACT LOCATION but she was angry, not listening and left the office.

As per our record, there was no formal complaint we got in connection with this...

JRS Express said...

This is inconnection , re: uno commento complain by the unkonwn sender base
in our complain logbook there is no such complain that being log since
September 18- upto the present from Bacolod to Mandaue. I hope the sender
will give us all the data so that we can take appropriate action.

Lastly, I dont believe this is not the real complain because the way the
sender write just like a paid campaign blitz against the company. Because
our JRS Bacolod Office is very much willing to help / assist all our
customer especially complain. ( Baka ang JRS Negros Occidental treat sa

JRS Express said...

There is no truth of this malicious accussation and which I suspect that this is another dirty trick and handy-work of other company to discredit us to our clients and the public.

I think this competitor of ours has find no other way to pull us back down to the bottom that they desperately resulted to this dirty tricks. How could you believe his story that it would take us a week to track his package as he claimed?
We are equipped of a celfone to use in tracking it in a minute, which is more reliable as the one giving you the info is our personnel rather than a machine.

There was one incident similar to what was mentioned in the complaint that our panel messengers failed to find the addressee's location because the latter was not known in the subdivision where the package was addressed. Our deliverymen had spent more than 30 minutes to find the consignee and had asked several
people living in that subdivision but still no one could tell them where to find the consignee. So, they decided to leave the place to attend their other deliveries. In the morning of the following day when they about to bring the package again for delivery the
consignee came to our Mandaue Office to pick it up. Therefore, the package was received by the consignee on the second day in contrary to what the complainant said so that it was not delivered yet after 3 days.

I further believe that the said incident was being used by our competitor and exagurated it to besmirch our company. Otherwise, if the complainant is true and brave enough he/she should have declared his or her name and the detail of the shipment he or she made.

JRS Express said...

We have investigated this matter and it seems that all are fabrications.
You should have put your complaint in writing with complete details so we can attend to it and not destroy our good name in the internet.
If you are really serious about this matter, you should come out in the open and give us your name and address so we can explain to you the circumstances behind the non delivery of your package. Let us be professional

gemini said...

I challenge you to come out in an open and we will believe that your story is true... Only a coward and a liar can do this... Are you or are you not???

JRS Express said...

4D JL Building, Capitol Site, Cebu City

October 27, 2008



This is in connection with your posted re: J.R.S.:Just Read Sh** Thursday,
September 18, 2008. Your blog could be likened to a newspaper publication, a
radio or tv outfit. You need to screen whatever publication so that only
those wholesome, designed to create not destroy, praise not defame or libel
another. Your blog posted the J.R.S. : Just Read Sh** should not have been
allowed to be posted. Reading from the statement of said blog, it can be
deduce that it does not come from a real complainant-client of JRS but a
haphazard statement of somebody with evil mind to destroy JRS. The
circumstances or details mentioned in the blog do not correspond to any
transaction of JRS has had anytime in September 2008 except that a consignee
came to get her package of milk and chocolate a day after our messenger
failed to locate her because of an insufficient address given. Conveniently
the blog did not mentioned of any airbill number which would have had
facilitated JRS to identify that package. The complainant is hiding and yet
your blog UNO COMMENTO allowed it posted when it clearly meant to destroy
and libeled JRS's integrity and good name.Please be circumspect in your
business dealings. Earn your living without necessarily destoying others or
allow yourself to be conduit to destroy others. We reserve to file
appropriate civil suit against you for the damage done through your
publication of the abovementioned blog statement.

God Bless!


Counsel for JRS

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