Thursday, September 11, 2008

N' Good Times....

Last Friday was truly. truly a dream come true!

The popular hosts from Magic 89.9's uber-crazy talk show "Good Times" came on board in Bacolod City to award the keys to the brand-new, Chery QQ car to a Bacolodnon named James Phillip Cagante. Mo Twister, Mojo Jojo, Grace Lee and Andi9 graced the Killerbee studios located in downtown Bacolod and boy oh boy, it was a blast. The guys displayed great camaraderie and crude humor present in their show. And I guarantee you guys, it was a real blower! The recurring jokes on Mojo Jojo's sexuality and Grace Lee's enormous "twin peaks" were there, especially Andi9 and Grace Lee's "clueless innocence" when DJ Mo declared they will be going to Cebu where they will be meeting the "Ceburats". Andi and Grace thought he was talking about rats until they find out that he was actually talking about something "green"...

Anyway, the radio show was not complete without the music of course! In between music, the "Good Timers" treated everyone at the booth (including yours truly) for softdrinks, water and peanuts. Of course, dahil 'di tayo magpapatalo, I got to crack some jokes with the four of them. Despite being famous right now on morning radio, TV and yes, even the Internet, the four still manage to act just like one of us. One thing that I cannot forget about Mo Twister was when he noticed me playing with my cellphone and he asked me what I had on my wallpaper, I immediately showed him the pictures of my son. He asked me what was the name of my son and I immediately answered "Horizon Shane". He was quite surprised because it was unusual to hear somebody naming the kid "Horizon". More than that, I'm also impressed with Andi and Grace, they really make you feel important... but of course I felt like on Cloud 9.

The whole day was really enjoyable because the Good Timers were mobbed by their fans, and I even acted as their P.A. for just a day. Good thing that I was able to withstand the traffic, their demands, and even the mob! It was a delight to buy Chicken Inasal just for my crush Andi9 ('coz she requested for it!). And how I wished that I got the number of Grace Lee but too bad.... she's taken just like me (sheesh!) . When I tagged along at the airport to send them off, (sigh!) , I made a resolution to go back to radio and entertain people.

How I wish that day will really come.

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