Sunday, August 31, 2008


Uno Commento Por Favor!

This is your "Commentirador" Tyrel Storm Gamboa reporting for duty.

Mga Kapuso, Kapamilya, Kabarkada, Kasama, Kabisyo, movers and shakers in whatever industry you belong, I humbly introduce myself as your newest "poster boy" in cyberspace. It's for you to find out if my thoughts and ideas jive with yours. It's a free world anyway.

Why did I choose this title for my blog? First and foremost, "uno commento" derived from the Spanish phrase "uno momento" or "one moment". So therefore, "uno commento" can be considered as Spanish for "one comment" but the phrase can be considered as something else. If you take out the first and last letters (U, O) of the phrase, it will be transformed to another phrase "no comment". And by the way, "no comment" is one the most misused phrases in the entertainment industry.

Aside from weekly comments on topics based on the hottest news in the world, this blog will also feature original poems w/ adapted melody from the hottest songs today and yesterday. Think of "Sobrang OJ Pare" segment of "SOP" but on cyberspace. And not only that, you may also expect the unexpected. Kung ano yun, basta wala nang pakialaman ng idea.

So next week, asahan ninyo ang pinakaunang banat na maririnig sa akin. Once again, this is your "COMMENTIRADOR" signing off.