Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ever remember the movie "Road Trip"?

It's about a group of guys going out of town to another state just to save their friend from being busted by his girlfriend over a piece of tape containing his not-so-sexy shenanigan, porking another girl. They go thru a lot of adventures and misadventures while the whole trip goes on.

Actually, that's just part of the synopsis that I saw on the DVD and I have not watched it ever.... but it's actually one of the surprise hits of the new millenium. Since then, movies with a road trip theme have caught my fancy. Too many to mention, but all of them have the same theme: Protagonist gets involved in a conflict, gets his friend to accompany him on a road trip, they get into mishaps along the way and upon reaching their destination, a lot of realizations were met.

Currently, I am starting on an adventure, where no one has ever dared. Thanks to R.E. who got me into it, I have decided to go on a 5-city tour starting from Bacolod to Cebu (1 day) to Zamboanga (1 hour) to Davao (3 days) and Iloilo (3 days). Sounds goofy ayt? But don't worry, once I have completed the trip, a lot of stories will unfold.

Stay tuned.

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