Monday, February 9, 2009

5 CITIES IN 14 DAYS (Part 2)

I arrived in Davao City at around 8:45 am. Unfortunately, the plane did not pass thru the tunnel where passengers disembark en route to the cargo lobby. But still, setting my foot on Davao soil for the first time felt like heaven. Reaching the southernmost part of the Philippines (along with Zamboanga) is considered an achievement and a feat in itself. While touring part of Davao en route to Victoria Plaza Mall (where I met up with my friend), I realized that the city's structure is much like Baguio, where there are a lot of high and low places.

Upon reaching Victoria Plaza Mall, I decided to take my breakfast at Mc Donald's (aka Mickey D's). 30 minutes later after breakfast, my friend JB arrived to pick me up. I stayed at his bachelor's pad somewhere in the heart of the city. Upon going inside his room, I was surprised that everything was in place and that his room pretty much had everything. How I wish we could have trade places (hehehehhe). We were able to catch up on each other's happenings for the past 5 years since we haven't seen each other. We could have stayed all day long however due to lack of sleep the other day, I decided to hit the sack at noontime.

At night time JB and I decided to go to People's Park, where we toured the place full of flora and fauna. I was fascinated by the sculptures that were made by their local artist, whose name escapes me as of the moment. Upon spending time at the park, we chanced upon some necklaces that caught our fancy. We stayed for around 1 and a half hours choosing a lot of necklaces made of different gemstones to different body parts of different wild animals! Some of the sellers even claimed that these necklaces serve as amulets.

After purchasing the necklaces, JB and I ate out at a restaurant serving inasal goods. It's much like Mang Inasal because of unlimited rice but the catch is... the unlimited rice was equivalent to 3 cups of rice that filled out my plate!

Next post: My experience at Samal Island (to be continued)

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